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JUNE |  8:30 PM  |  Dave Barber Cinematheque

Like Walter Benjamin’s Angel of History, this program faces towards the past, looking to “make whole what has been smashed.” Reconciling traumas and events both personal and historical these films expose the raw aftermath of loss, neoliberalization, recovery, and migration. The evidence left behind, receipts, tattoos, trinkets and monuments express the enduring urge to drag the past into the present.

Some Tropics of Cancer, dir. T.J. Blanco
2022 | US | 9.5 | video | Canadian premiere
After losing their father at a young age, the filmmaker mines the hidden world of astrological word origins, gems and lost family video in the hopes of gleaning meaning.

The Red Tide, dir. Sally Lawton
2022 | US | 8 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
The Red Tide follows my mother on a life changing move to Florida. Her new home is located near famous earthworks by Robert Smithson, the enormous art collection-turned-museum of John Ringling, and beaches plagued by a toxic phenomenon called the ‘red tide’. Beginning with a recreation of Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson’s 1969 film, Swamp, the film describes a confusion between multiple anxieties: art’s legacy, climate change, and a longing to stay connected.

Pieces of Memory, dir. Bronwyn Lutz-Greenhow

2021 | CA | 1.5 | video | Canadian premiere
Often discarded, shoved into the deep depths of pockets and handbags, receipts are physical time stamps, marking moments of time, those moments or memories sometimes only remembered and recalled in the brief time of overlooking the receipt before it gets thrown away forever. Pieces of Memory is a projected stop motion video that explores the connection between memory and the purchasing and consumption of goods and how receipts act as a tangible piece of memory.

 dir. Mike Hoolboom
2022 | CA | 15 | video | World premiere
Based on kpunk’s seminal UK blog, Disco looks at how the 60s actually occupied England in the 70s. Liberation movements flourished, along with a new queer dance form that offered new social spaces for an intersectional underclass. The reaction shot to these new incursions into democracy was a corporate coup d’etat that would come to be known as neoliberalism. Its first laboratory was in Chile, where American economists provided intellectual cover for national looting.

No Tomorrow, 
dir. Ryan Clancy
2023 | US | 11.5 | 16mm | Canadian premiere
A sober sexual reawakening gives rise to a speculative communion with Neanderthals.

 dir. Saif Alsaegh
2022 | US/IQ | 7.5 | video | Canadian premiere
Bezuna explores the complexities of fleeing a war-zone through the analysis of peripheral details. Through interweaving different narratives, the film presents the raw and broken feelings of a child and a cat whose lives will never be the same.

dir. Matthew Lax
2023 | US | 4.5 | video | World premiere
A document of two life processes: the passing of my friend Andre’s 12.5 year old German Shepherd, Cortàzar, and the tattooing of Cortàzar‘s image on Andre’s chest.

4_Sipping+Solitude_T.J.+Blanco_Some+Tropics+of+Cancer copy.jpg
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Images from: T.J. Blanco's Some Tropics of Cancer, Sally Lawton's Red Tide, and Ryan Clancy's No Tomorrow

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