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The Winnipeg Underground Film Festival is an annual showcase for contemporary experimental film and video, taking place in Winnipeg, Manitoba --- Treaty 1 Territory. 

WUFF is a project of Open City Cinema, a collective comprised of Madeline Bogoch
(co-Director), Scott Fitzpatrick (co-Director), Aaron Zeghers, Jonathan Lee-Wing, Skye Callow, and Ryan Simmons. Past members include Alyssa Bornn, Travis Cole, Meganelizabeth Diamond, Sara Wilson, Amanda Emms, Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin, Stephanie Berrington, and Stephanie Poruchnyk-Butler. 

WUFF is committed to paying artist fees for all the work we show,
and to operating under a no-entry-fee model.


WUFF always welcomes new members and volunteers!
Write to us at to get involved.


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