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Saturday, June 1  |  8:30 PM  |  Dave Barber Cinematheque  |  14A

Part one of a two-part program bound together by an unsettling provocation regarding matters of the heart—metaphorical, literal and visceral. ​

The eight films in this first half collect depictions of intimate dynamics at play, reflecting not only experiences of love but of vulnerability in all its forms: hurt, loss, panic, doubt, betrayal and trust. A friend once said that excitement and nervousness were the same emotion, and another friend used a voice memo I sent in a film without permission. It's incredible how many ways there are to hurt the ones we love.

*Please note this program contains graphic content and mature subject matter. This program is rated 18A. Viewer discretion is advised. Total runtime 64 minutes.

MilleFeuille - Cupids Fever.png

Adjunct, dir. Drew Durepos
2024 | USA | 5 | video | World premiere
A spider and a fly meet each other in the window of a university.

Cupid's Fever
, dir. MilleFeuille
2021 | Canada | 16 | video | Canadian premiere
Child hunters look through scope-cam rifles to aim for the heart in a found-footage portrait of love told through YouTube vlogs of relationship breakups and psycho exes.

The Sky's in There, 
dirs. Dani & Sheilah ReStack
2022 | USA/Canada | 11.5 | video | Manitoban premiere
This latest work from the ReStack’s pulls the experience of becoming mother (both through fostering and bio) through the lens of personal lives that are always, also, steeped in a world where systemic racism, classism and heteronormativity influence and shape. Using documentary footage, a journey into a cave, a dream recounted and formal strategies of color, sound and movement the ReStack’s push experiences and ideas together to see what can yield or reveal. The Sky’s In There proposes a fragmented meditation on the capacity of relation to bring about transformation.

Desire Path,
 dir. Sofia Theodore-Pierce
2023 | USA | 3 | super 8mm on video | Canadian premiere
Snatches from personal archives compiled during the month of forced slowness following a surgery. The dog died. Her oranges ripened. The horse unbridled. Cantering around Circle A. Reflections on leaving Milwaukee.

 dir. Farrah Murdock
2023 | Canada/Ojibwe/Cree | 3 | video
Created in a time of self-doubt and feeling anxious of the future. Hangover is compiled of independent footage and audio recorded from July to December of 2022.

Zero Woods of the Wild Place,
 dir. Josh Weissbach
2023 | USA | 13 | 16mm | Canadian premiere
Zero Woods of the Wild Place explores the forest that cannot conceal the trauma, the house that cannot listen while dying, and the labyrinth that spirals into the ethics of audio recording.

 dir. Matt Whitman
2023 | USA | 9.5 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
Couldn't get things right. I remember when the sound of the wind and the sound of you taking a shower could still be confused.

How to Interpret a Sunset, dir. Jean Borbridge
2023 | Canada | 3 | video
A smoky haze hits the sun as Amy walks past the park she used to frequent with her ex-lover. She is reminded of words left unsaid and gathers the courage to call him.


Images from: Drew Durepos' Adjunct, MilleFeuille's Cupid's Fever, Dani & Sheilah ReStack's The Sky's In There and Sofia Theodore-Pierce's Desire Path (top) and Farrah Murdock's Hangover, Josh Weissbach's Zero Woods of the Wild Place, Matt Whitman's TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY, sometimes and Jean Borbridge's How to Interpret a Sunset (bottom)

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