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JUNE |  8:30 PM  |  Dave Barber Cinematheque

If one could only take pleasure in one’s own void… Five libidinally driven films from across the US that dwell in the ambiguity between pain and pleasure. Provocative, tender, and achingly insightful, the films in this program dig deep into the evasive nature of our desires. Psychological and fleshy— raw meat and tattoos have never looked so good.

An Arrow Pointing to a Hole, dir. Steve Reinke
2020 | US/CA | 27 | video | Manitoban premiere
In this wry confessional video, Steve Reinke appears — shirtless and lavishly tattooed — in a basement, playing archival clips and delivering arch disquisitions on his filmmaking and the ways in which images represent his engagement with the world.

Exterior Turbulence, dir. Sofia Theodore-Pierce
2023 | US | 11 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
Seizure dreams, horses, and long distance conversations from bed. Loose reenactments from Marguerite Duras Baxter, Vera Baxter. A year of stormy weather and temporal rupture recalled in fragments. Featuring my mother and other star crossed lovers.

Body Legato, dir. Sam Drake

2022 | US | 6.5 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
Scenes of bodily escape. The cow becomes meat becomes a man becomes an angel. Consciousness is conflated with a surveillance balloon. Being is tuned to the frequency of occult conspiracy.

Breath Control
, dir. Carson Parish
2020 | US | 10 | 16mm on video | Canadian premiere
Heartbreak, breathplay, and a queer redemption tale set in the woods.

Bigger on the Inside
, dir. Angelo Madsen Minax
2022 | US | 11 | video | Manitoban premiere
From an isolated wooded cabin a trans man star-gazes, scruff chats with guys, watches youtube tutorials, takes drugs, and lies about taking drugs - feeling his way through a cosmology of embodiment. Bigger on the Inside probes the boundaries between interior and exterior, the micro and macro, to consider bodily insides as passageway and portal, relative to the immensity of longing. Nudes and landscapes are equally erotic. Eros as an issue of boundaries: When I desire you, a part of me is gone. Land is surreal. Memory is porous.


Images from: Steve Reinke's An Arrow Pointing to a Hole, Carson Parish's Breath Control, and Angelo Madsen Minax's Bigger on the Inside

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