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JUNE 1  |  7:00 PM  |  Dave Barber Cinematheque

3 films about travel, intimacy, and dissociation. Laced with a gentle ennui these works probe at the fragile distinctions we cling to; between self/other, public/private, Montreal/Toronto.

A Body, Outside, dir. Nik Liguori
2023 | US | 4 | video | World premiere
“Go outside of yourself. Look at yourself walking down the street. Make yourself tumble on a stone and fall. …Observe carefully how you fall. How long it takes and in what rhythm you fall. Observe as seeing a slow motion film.” —Yoko Ono, instructions for a “Falling Piece” (spring, 1964) Filmed at a particularly metamorphic hour.

Pet World, dirs. Sofia Theodore-Pierce & Grace Mitchell
2022 | US | 13 | video | Manitoban premiere
A parking lot by the airport where people sit in their cars, eat takeout, and watch the planes land. A parking lot outside a mega pet store. Inspired by Amy Hempel’s short story collection, Reasons to Live, and the work of poet Bernadette Mayer. An ensemble cast riffs on what we might discover about intimacy in parking lots.

A Traveller's Guide to Montreal & Toronto in 2022, dir. Dylan Bodner

2023 | CA | 47 | video | World premiere
An informative look at everything you could ever want to know about Canada's twin cities: Montreal and Toronto.

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Images from: Nik Lugori's A Body Outside, Grace Mitchell & Sofia Theodore Pierce's Pet World, and Dylan Bodner's A Traveller's Guide to Montreal & Toronto in 2022

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