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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

THE <90 SECOND // 7pm, June 2nd
At the Rachel Browne Theatre (2nd Floor, 211 Bannatyne Ave)

The fifth edition of a WUFF tradition: fifty-ish ultra-short films and videos from Winnipeg and around the world, divided over eight blocks. This is the perfect introduction for the uninitiated, a self-contained film festival in miniature, and a good time all-around. Lots to love; don't love? It'll be over in a minute. New work from Canada, Belarus, Germany, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Chapter 1: Vacation, all I ever wanted
Civilized Landscapes dir. Taryn Ward
AH VACATION dir. Toby Gillies
Vacation Tips: Rest Up dir. Berny Hi
Wine-a-Holics dir. Milos Mitrovic
Four Ten-Second Postcards dir. Stefano Miraglia
The Detroit Diaries dir. Martin Knispel

Chapter 2: Dystopic
Dystopia dir. Alison Burdeny
183rd & Broadway dir. Nigel Webber
A New High in Low dir. Lansing Bruce Robertson
The Olympics dir. Ellie Kyungran
Missing Toes dir. Ian Bawa
File 38 dir. Craig Smith

Chapter 3: Return to Forms
Animated Bertoia dir. Ally Wallace
These Aren't our Things dir. Jaz Papadopolous
Icy Jellies dir. Sheena Shand
Molds dir. Harvey Benchoter
The Plastic Bag dir. Jorge Johansen
You're Moving Until You're Not dir. Kat Nancy

Chapter 4: Distress Signals
Cataract Churning Grey dir. Karissa Hahn
Ships in Distress in a Datastorm dir. Jeroen Cluckers
Squaring the Circle dir. Daniel Wechsler
Reggae Murder Mystery dir. Maxwell Hale
She Said This Is Not One dir. Carleen Maur
Yesterday dir. Jack Greeley Ward

Chapter 5: Are you daydreaming?
daydream dir. Meganelizabeth Diamond
Illumination dir. Sam Morales
Stop Motion Gadget dir. Tavis Putnam
19:36 dir. Cynthia Wolfe-Nolin
Machine rĂªve dir. Scott Fitzpatrick
Film Loop 34: Ryonaji dir. Michael Lyons

Chapter 6: Connecting With Nature
Willow Harvest dir. Erin Buelow
The White Horse dir. Wilda WahnWitz
283 Frogs dir. Genadzi Buto
Chattering dir. Ethan Skaates
ORBIT dir. Kent Tate
Knitted Horse Firework dir. Sam Meech

Chapter 7: Frame Storms
frame storm/2 dir. James Pomeroy
Composition florale dir. Caroline Blais
447: Intellect - N dir. Jane Glennie
...dwelling... dir. Freddie Wiss
What You Didn't Delete dir. Ryan Steel
Desk Study #3 dir. Rhayne Vermette

Chapter 8: Parting Thoughts
"Don't Do It" dir. Peter Mack
Smoking dir. Chris Wittum
Infinity Scarf dir. Hawk Martha
The Greatest Perversion dir. H.C. Turk
Together dir. Dani Klein
Finale dir. Sandy McLennan

* images from James Pomeroy's frame storm/2 (top) and Sheena Shand's Icy Jellies (bottom)