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Winnipeg Underground Film Festival
June 1 to 4th, 2017

PERFORMANCE PLUS // 9:00pm, June 1st
At Forth (Main Floor, 171 McDermot Ave)

The WUFF 5 kickoff continues at Forth with two more films and three live performances, putting all manner of mode and media on display: super 8mm, 16mm, multiple projections, overhead projections, stills, light manipulation, analog feedback. This eclectic survey of expanded and experimental cinema offers an immersive primer for the sort of expectation-defying work to come throughout the rest of the festival. New work from Canada and the United States.

Untitled dirs. Guillaume Vallée + Harmergeddon
2016 | CA / UK | 25 | 16mm, VHS, analog video | Manitoban premiere
UK experimental sound and performance duo Harmergeddon (Fae and Nathan Harmer) will generate live stream sound for Guillaume Vallée's hybrid film/analog video visual. From the UK, Harmergeddon will experiment with different hand-made apparatuses while Vallée creates multiprojection chaos in a form of an A/V symbiosis between sound and image. The transatlantic trio create a unique online audiovisual collaboration using transversal sound/imagery-mediation as their playground. The performance has been created for Sight & Sound Festival 2016 in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Sonya Stefan.

38 River Road dir. Josh Weissbach
2016 | US | 7 | 16mm on video | Manitoban premiere
The voice of a figureless character is heard. The figure of a voiceless character is seen. A sequence of estranged voicemails is framed by unidentified events. Fear resides in the gesture of telling. -JW

SPECTRAL REPAIR dirs. Doreen Girard + Marie-France Hollier
2017 | CA | 25 | multiple overhead projections | World premiere
Hand-made assemblage of refracted light projections, performed with multiple projectors and lenses, with live sound accompaniment by Marie-France Hollier. -DG

AMERICA dir. Delf Gravert
2015 | CA | 10.5 | super 8mm on video
America and its roadside attractions are photographed en route to LA via a winding path through the American mid-west. Rustic Kenora Boreal lakes give way to ocean mists that lead to the dirty glitz of Southern California. -DTG

Stasis & Motion dirs. Sam Hoolihan, John Marks + Crystal Myslajek
2017 | US | 18 | 3 x 16mm | Canadian premiere
Stasis & Motion is an expanded cinema performance for 3x16mm projections, voice,
keyboard, modular synthesizer and field recordings. In this work the artists engage in a parsing of visual and sonic phrases, seamlessly layering and reorganizing the resulting fragments into gestures where images and sounds for a singular language. Embracing the ephemerality of 16mm film projection and live music, this work treats both light and waveform as fleeting platforms for pause, where motion is fashioned through modulation. -JM

* images from Guillaume Vallée + Harmergeddon's Untitled (top) and Josh Weissbach's 38 River Road (bottom)